A bit about me

I have real life experience in marketing, project management and technology in large and small companies.

I understand the pressures and drivers when selling stuff, know how to get things done and how to reach customers.


I went to a good grammar school and then on to art college, thinking that's where my future lay. Realising that a career in design was not what I wanted, I got a job.

Sales & Marketing

My first proper job was an admin position in an insurance company. Within two years I had trained myself in company pension taxation and was promoted to Area Broker Consultant.

As my career progressed I was involved in the start up of four life assurance companies, eventually being in charge of marketing across Europe for one of them. At the age of 33, I left work.


When I was a teenager I saved the money from my Saturday job to buy a Sinclair Spectrum computer. The thrill of typing stuff into a keyboard and seeing things happen on screen has always fascinated me.

With time on my hands, that interest peaked. I trained myself in database design, starting out with Microsoft Access 2.0. I learned more and more SQL and built some pretty big database applications in Microsoft SQL Server for Barclays Capital (now Barclays Investment Bank) amongst others. I had a team in London and Singapore and ran a team in New York for a while.

I delivered several widely used corporate applications and ran many product, process and infrastructure projects.

Project Management

Whilst at Barclays I ran several projects from simple five day get-things-done blasts to 24 month multi-million pound programmes. I believe that there are really simple rules when delivering projects:

  • Communicate with clarity and regularity
  • Allocate measurable and time based tasks to the right people
  • Focus on the fix

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Class Outfit Solutions Limited

In 2008 I branched out on my own as a fully fledged PHP and MySQL developer. It's where all of my experience comes together; design, marketing, technology and project management.

I act as a consultant to my clients to make sure the solution they get is exactly what they need to drive their business forwards.

I love what I do.