”Jeremy is the fifth developer we have worked with. And by far the best. When I first met Jeremy he said he didn't just want to develop our web site. He wanted to help us develop our business. If what you want is a developer that will simply do as you ask then Jeremy is probably not for you. If on the other hand what you want is someone who will take your ideas, mull them over and bring his wealth of experience to the table to develop and fine tune them into something that is as good as they can be then he’s your man.“

Ian Harris - Managing Director, Train Visual

”It's been incredibly refreshing to work with Jeremy. His attention to detail and uncompromising attitude to making things just so have helped our project immensely. Being able to draw on his expertise and advice is invaluable, and I always feel he's more than happy to help. The fact that he’s such a nice chap is the icing on the cake.“

David Oliver - Programme Manager, Train Visual

”I have known Jeremy for three years and have found him to be a true professional with a high degree of integrity. Although Jeremy is considerably knowledgeable about his sphere of work, he also understands the commercial reality of the projects he works on and is able to bring a fresh and realistic contribution to everything he does. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jeremy to anyone considering working with him.“

David Nicholls - Managing Director

”I was fortunate to have been introduced to Class Outfit to take on a major development involving a complex payment system. Under the leadership of Jeremy Burns, the mode of engagement throughout the entire life cycle and final result delivered by Class Outfit were nothing short of sheer brilliance. I will not hesitate to recommend Class Outfit to any prospective client.“

Ben Peterson - Managing Director