To scope, on time and in budget

Project management is the art/science of getting the right stuff done in the right time at the right cost.

No matter what the project's approach, whether that be agile or the traditional waterfall methods, there are some basic principles I adhere to:

  • Clear, concise and appropriate communication to the right people.
  • Assigning measurable and time based tasks to team members.
  • Receive and provide regular updates - track everything.
  • Things will go wrong, there will be issues and risks. Focus on the fix to clear these down so that the project is not derailed.
  • Always bear in mind the project has a customer who is setting the scope, paying for the project and driving the timeline. He is the king.

I have run many projects of various sizes from simple five day get-things-done projects, to recurring infrastructure deployment projects through to full scale £2m+ development and process programmes.