I help you get a great web prescence that drives more business

I really enjoy cutting code, but I what I enjoy most is working closely with my customers to help them achieve their objectives. My work is a blend of marketing and technology.

Current projects

I'm currently heading the IT of an online printing company (doxdirect.com) briefed with migrating to new back end print processing systems, rewriting the e-commerce site and integrating the two.

Recent projects

Recent projects included the prototype for a workplace communication tool (together.do), a multi-currency mobile payments platform (buzzpaid.com) and rebuilding a suite of training and CPD applications for education, corporates and the military (teachinghow2s.com, corporatehow2s.com and militaryhow2s.com).

Copy writing

The web is all about content. People scan, they don't read.

This means your words have to get straight to the point.

I can help you write content that is grammatically correct, compelling and effective — and free from spulling mistakes.

You noticed that - right? See how important spelling is?!


I can help make sure your online strategy meets your objectives. From content, to targeting customers, advertising & SEO.


I build sites in PHP using the CakePHP framework, JQuery/JavaScript and CSS (using LESS and SASS). I build databases using MySQL, SQL Server and Mongo.


I use a bunch of tools to do my work. I am constantly amazed at the breadth and quality of the open source tools available today. These are often free, although I do like to contribute or give back where I can.


I am a self confessed Apple fan. I use Macs all day long.

Servers and hosting

I use TDR Networks for my server and hosting needs.